Tuition fee & expenses


Tuition for the various options of the Joint Triple Credential Master Program 2017/2018 academic year is



Tuition: € 15,000.00

The payment needs to be made as below:

  1. € 100.00 at the time of submission of the application (to the University of Milano-Bicocca) within the deadline of September the 5th;
  2. € 7,600.00 at the time of enrollment (to the University of Milano-Bicocca);
  3. € 3,000.00 in favor of Alliance University-Bangalore no later than December 15, 2017;
  4. € 4,300.00 in favor of Centennial College-Toronto no later than April 15, 2018

Fee payment process


After your selection, you will be required to enroll and pay the first installment of the program fees totaling €7,700. This installment is due after having received the admission offer. The period for payment will be open from July till September as in case of foreign students they would need to apply for student visa before enrolling for the Master program. €100 paid at the time of application will be absorbed into the first installment.


The 2nd installment of € 3,000 will need to be paid to Alliance University by 15th December 2017.


Installment of € 4,300 will need to be paid to Centennial College by 15th April 2018.


Additional Tuition costs

a) MBA at Alliance University

Tuition for additional MBA period: € 4,900.00

To be paid directly to Alliance University at the time of enrollment for the MBA course.

b) Internship period at Centennial (for work in Canada Option)

Tuition for additional period at Centennial in order to avail work option: € 3,500.00

To be paid directly to Centennial College at the time of enrollment. This includes Medical insurance for Canada

The tuition fee covers – Tuition, Tutorship, Company visits, Career fairs & events, Guest lectures, Use of the University facilities at all locations (including library; computers labs; students canteen; health service) and teaching materials .

Transfer costs, accommodation and meals are excluded from this amount.

The following is the estimated budget for an average student. While living expenses can vary, this is the standard estimate used in determining financial need.

Please visit Scholarship and Financial Aid section to discover how to finance your experience with MAIB.

Sample Student Budget – Monthly Cost of Living:


Milan € 400/500,00
Toronto € 450/550,00
Bangalore € 120/150,00
Milan € 300,00
Toronto € 300,00
Bangalore € 100,00
Books & Supplies
Milan Included with tuition
Toronto € 500,00 (for the semester)
Bangalore Included with tuition

For detailed information on the cost of living, housing across the three cities and campuses:
  • CLICK HERE to compare cost of living in two different cities;
  • go to the LIVING IN section of this website to know more about the cost of living in each city of the program.

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