Program structure


A global education program for global leaders.
A journey across Italy-India-Canada grounded in diversity,
inter-connectedness of cultures and disciplines, 
academic rigor,
continuous innovation, and commitment to creating a social impact.


Designed by University of Milano-Bicocca (Milan, Italy) in partnership with Centennial College (Toronto, Canada) and Alliance University (Bangalore, India), MAIB gives you a hands-on global management experience by living and studying in 3 Global cities – Milan, Italy; Toronto, Canada and Bangalore, India – across 3 Different Continents.

MAIB is a 14 months, full time course of 90 ECTS credits where you attain two internationally recognized degrees:

1 st Level European Master Degree and a Canadian Graduate Certificate in International Business Management (IBM), with an option of a 3rd MBA Degree from Alliance University (India), with an additional study period of 4 months.

The program is spread over 3 academic terms, with a total of 580 class hours, followed by 3 months Internship equivalent to 500 hours.

The course is taught in English. Students are required to be proficient with the English language. For information on English certification course, please check the section on Application Requirements.

Students are required to spend the first three quarters in three different countries/cities (Milan, Bangalore, Toronto), thus gaining a broad international perspective. They will select the country in which they will spend the fourth and last quarter, which is dedicated to internship.


The Program offers the following paths:

a) MAIB + IBM – 14 months

MAIB + IBM is a double credential, rigorous, full-time program of 14 months duration (including Internship), with a total of 90 credits. There are no part-time students in the program. The students earn European First Level Master Degree, awarded by the University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy and Ontario College Graduate Certificate from Centennial College, Toronto in International Business Management (IBM).

b) MAIB + IBM + Internship Period in Canada (for exploring work in Canada Option) – 15 months

The city of Toronto, a multi-cultural and globally competitive city is home to some of the world’s largest global multi-nationals, banks, business, consulting and financial firms offering students a plenty of opportunities to work and live in Canada.

MAIB students interested in exploring the option of working in Canada will have to enrol at Centennial College for the internship period of 15 weeks: a must in order to comply with the work visa norms of Canadian Government, which may allow up to one year work permit after completing the IBM with an in-Canada internship. Our partner Centennial College will provide all information to students interested in living and working in Canada. For further information on this, please contact Melida Renkwitz.

c) MAIB + IBM + MBA – 18 months

MBA Degree from Alliance Business School, Bangalore, India can be achieved with only an additional study period of 4 months with a of total of 30 credits. Additional costs of euro 4.900 apply.



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