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MAIB brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the world to change lives, support innovation and transform organisations. Learn more about our students, their experiences, academic and professional background, it will help you define your personal leadership and extend your knowledge across a wide range of interests.

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2015-2016 Batch


Alexandra Zamfirescu

Milan, Italy

“I decided to join MAIB because I wanted to develop the competence to work in a multi-cultural environment.”


Kaniel Ellis

Mandeville, Jamaica

“MAIB provides me with an excellent opportunity to pursue my passion of continuous learning and engaging in cutting edge business practices.”

Silvia Tracogna

Milan, Italy

“I think that travelling, and immersing oneself into different cultures is the best way of learning and getting to know oneself better.”


Trivikram Panduragi

Hubli-Dharwad, India

“I chose MAIB in order to widen my horizon and stimulate new thinking and ideas and, last but not least, to build lasting connections.”


Maria Andrea Alonso Kuri


“I enrolled in the MAIB program to develop a deeper understanding of business in a global context.”

Karla Cabrera

Mexico City, Mexico

“Living in 3 different countries that are completely different from one another is a window to experience diversity and an opportunity to become more sensitive to trends in business, society and their impact.”


Aashrit Singh

Mysore, India

“MAIB gave me a chance to build my passion on travelling and understanding the different cultures of the world.”


Ricki Thomas

Mumbai, India

“I want to gain the necessary management qualities working with an intercultural group, and thus create opportunities to further broaden the horizons of my thinking.”


Jenny Perla Leon

Toronto, Canada

“MAIB offers the experience for personal and professional growth It offers the knowledge and experience to work in western, European and South Asia business economies.”

Ram Manoharan

Bloomington, US

“MAIB allows me to earn global business expertise, experience diversity, and acclimate to different educational work environments.”


Prerna Prakash

Bhopal, India

“We have a diverse class, and we like to find out new things about different cultures and countries.”


Tatiana Kuznetsova

Milan, Italy

“I decided to join MAIB as I feel multi-cultural education in a global context is invaluable.”



Dileep Gowrikentesh


“I opted for MAIB program because it provides an in-depth perspective of all the aspects of management functions.”



2014-2015 Batch


Atala Nohemi Romero Perez

Mexico City, Mexico

Co-founder of Proyecto 50/50

“Being part of a diverse class, I found the interactions with my professors and peers stimulating and enjoyed building connections together.”

Valerio Fata

Milan, Italy

Market Analyst at De Agostini

“With MAIB I gained to further enrich myself in the field of Finance and other management areas.”

Isadora Turatti Ribeiro

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Account Manager, IBM

“I have learnt much more than academic and market skills, I came back with new perspectives and goal for my life.”

Aby Austin John

Trivandrum, India

Business Administration

“MAIB was a truly life changing experience.”

Silvia Cerruto


“I decided to enroll in MAIB to acquire skills and knowledge to work in a multi-faceted global business context.”

Niccolo Malerba
Milan, Italy

“I believe this program has the right balance between theory and practice, which I consider fundamental to better assimilate concepts.”


Miriam Hubbard

Milan, Italy

Communications intern at Bpress, Milan

“MAIB helped me fulfill my aspirations by providing an international exposure, team leadership, learning in practice and an opportunity to connect with peers across cultures.”

Valeria Goderecci

L’Aquila, Italy

“I saw in MAIB the opportunity to challenge myself, improve my knowledge in the field of international business both from a practical and a theoretical point of view and broaden my thinking.”


Jin Zhang

“I consider the opportunity to study at 3 different campuses in Italy, India and Canada an amazing experience to connect with faculty and peers and build life-long networks”.



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