Diversity Networks


Building life-long relationships you’ll cherish.
Connecting with peers across cultures,
academic and professional background
will widen your horizon and stimulate new thinking and ideas.

Commitment to diversity is an essential component of the MAIB Program

All our partner universities are fully committed to diversity along many dimensions — racial, ethnic, national, and socioeconomic background; sexual orientation; gender; age; religious belief; thought and opinion; professional aspirations and any other.

The beauty of MAIB lies in having students across diverse backgrounds and varied life-experiences. Because of the International nature of MAIB, where students are studying across 3 diverse locations, everyone gets an opportunity to gain exposure to at least 3 different locations, everyone gets an opportunity to gain exposure to different culture.

MAIB students are comfortable with difference, believe in the value of diverse perspectives and aspire to lead organizations and communities across boundaries. The exchange of ideas among students and faculty from different backgrounds and perspectives creates a powerful environment for learning and leadership development.

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