The Joint Triple Credential Master Program curriculum provides the conceptual framework for business management through building an understanding on core fundamentals such as finance, operations, strategy and marketing; analytical courses, including problem solving and decision making tools; and leadership skills such as teamwork, ethics, and communications.

A unique part of the curriculum is the focus on building inter-cultural competencies to function in a global world. The curriculum also focuses on understanding the socio-economic differences and realities of the ‘developed economies’ and the ‘developing economies’ and the inherent challenges and opportunities these bring forth in the context of Global Management.


Pre-Term Program

The course commences with the Pre-Term Program, aimed at ensuring that the diverse incoming class begins the fall term with a consistent level of introductory knowledge.
Pre-Term offers coursework on Introduction to Management, basic Business Terminology and in financial accounting and quantitative tools. Preparatory courses in these disciplines cover aspects that students are presumed to understand prior to beginning of the coursework.


MAIB Orientation and Teambuilding

An integral part of the Pre-Term is the three days Orientation and team Building Program. This off campus event is the kick-off of the MAIB course aimed at familiarizing the students with the program and ensuring that everyone in a diverse incoming class builds a rapport with each other and learn to respect diversity. It also provides the students an opportunity to begin the process of team formation and learning to lead in a peer environment throughout the program.


ITALY – Term 1 Courses (20 ECTS)

  • Globalization at work: a) nature, scope and trends of international business; b) business government and the international economy
  • Market Analysis & Competitive Strategy
  • Quantitative tools – Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Cross Cultural Context – understanding and skill building
  • Business Plan.

Download the pdf MAIB Curriculum – Italy term.


INDIA – Term 2 Courses (20 ECTS)

  • Strategy – Global strategic management – the 3P approach
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
  • Social Accountability and Change Management – Team-work and leadership in a global environment.

Download the pdf MAIB Curriculum – India term.


CANADA – Term 3 (30 ECTS including IBM courses for the double degree)

  • International Banking & Finance
  • International Business Law
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
  • Research Methods for Trade and Development
  • Global Logistics
  • Global Business Seminars – I
  • Developing an International Business Plan (online course)
  • International Marketing (online course).

For details go to IBM Curriculum.


Term 4 – Internship (20 ECTS)

The last quarter of the Master’s program is dedicated to providing practical work experience to participants, allowing them to apply the knowledge, skills and business principles learned in their course-work. University of Milan-Bicocca in collaboration with partner Universities has a network of national and international institutions also in non-profit sectors offering participants Internship placements in specialized areas.


The Internship Plan is designed and implemented by employers, students and the University Internship Coordinator, who also takes care of monitoring and supervising the training program in accordance with program Director. Participants are awarded a maximum of 20 credits for the Internship program.

Internship provides a unique opportunity to participants – by opening doors in the job market – to put theoretical knowledge into practice, in preparation of future international careers. The aim of the internship program is to provide participants an opportunity to:

  • Develop insight into international business practices
  • Enhance existing skills and build relevant skill set for job market
  • Gain exposure to new companies/industries/functions
  • Build relationships with people in the target company/industry/function (start networking for full-time position)
  • Create a positive impact on an organization.


Additional MBA semester at Alliance University (30 ECTS)

The additional MBA study period at Alliance University will be structured around 7 modules and Dissertation:

  • Business Ethics and Corporate social responsibility
  • Corporate Finance
  • Managing Innovation and Technology
  • Consumer Behaviour and Social Media Usage
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Business Operations and Multinational Enterprise
  • Globalization and International Business in Emerging markets
  • Dissertation.

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