Career Development


Opening Doors to your Success.
We are committed to providing objective coaching,
advice and guidance across a wide range of areas to help you achieve your career goals.


MAIB provides Career Development Service at all its partner locations.

You are unique, and your career is uniquely yours. As part of the MAIB program we offer you the tools, networks, and opportunities you’ll need to find a suitable internship and job placement. We’ll proactively support you with your career goals and aspirations by following the below path:

EXPLORE – We provide personalized advice and coaching to help you explore opportunities which successfully match your skills and interests with the job market sector. We also invite industry specialists to share insights into specific sectors like consulting, banking, finance, marketing etc.

  • Talks/workshops by business leaders – to increase your knowledge in specific industries and functions

PREPARE – We help prepare you for job interview and resume writing by organizing workshops with HR experts from industry.

  • Resume preparation – to provide skill building and advice for resume preparation
  • Mock interviews – to simulate the experience by learning to apply your classroom skills in the interview room
  • Career fairs – a series of on-campus programs and panels that will help you establish a fundamental understanding of various sectors – including industry overviews, areas of opportunity etc
  • Immersion experiences – to help you broaden your horizon by participating in off campus learning team retreats, visits to companies/ non-profit sector.
  • On-campus interviews – to facilitate formal job recruitment.

APPLY – We leverage the career placement services of our 3 partner institutions for you to meet potential employers at our on-campus career fairs. We constantly share job opportunities and send out student resumes to potential employers worldwide.

NETWORK – We help you connect with professionals and alumni to seek advice, mentoring support and strengthen your personal and professional contacts. Second year into the program, we’re initiating with our 1st alumni annual event this year.

Internship and Employment Highlights from Our Recent Graduates

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