Admission process


Call for Admissions for MAIB 4th Batch: apply not later than 7th July 2017


In order to apply, make sure:

1. You download and read the call for application document in English (Call Maib ENG) or in Italian (Bando Maib ITA) available at THIS LINK

For detailed information concerning the application procedure, please select for specific requirements the specific category of interest:

2. After you have collected the required documents you can complete the application form online. Remember to pay the application fee of euro 100, otherwise your application will not be considered. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Candidate with any form of certified physical disability (included Speech and Writing Disorders), is entitled to request for assistance. To do so, the candidate will have to fill in the specific form as well as to contact within the call for application period, in order to send in the diagnosis and avail the specific assistance needed.


Please be aware: The Admissions Committee requires that all application materials be submitted online, including recommendations.

Visa Matters

  1. In order to enrol at MAIB, Non EU citizens residing abroad need to apply for a Study visa issued by the Italian Diplomatic representatives in the country of residence.
  2. In order to study in India and Canada the students would also need to apply for Indian and Canadian VISAs during the MAIB Italy-term in Milan.
  3. The visa application procedure depends only on the Diplomatic representatives and University of Milano-Bicocca and partner institutions cannot interfere with the process.
  4. However, if you need any support with the application you can contact us at

Important Notes

  • Please check our Application Deadlines.
  • Complete applications must be submitted online before the due deadline.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Online applications need to be completed at one-go along with the necessary documents specified in the call.
  • Due to the confidentiality of the Admissions Committee deliberations, we regret that feedback on rejected applications will not be provided.
  • If the Administration finds, on the basis of appropriate checks, the false statements/declaration made by any candidate, the candidate shall be withdrawn from any benefits received because of false declarations.
  • The university administration has no responsibility in the event of loss of postal communication, due to wrong residence address of the candidate, failure or delay in notification of change of address, or for any postal or telegraphic disservice.
  • University undertakes to respect the confidential nature of the information provided by the applicants: personal data will be processed and treated exclusively for the execution of the procedures related to the current Joint Master Program and within the University services, in conformity with the regulations in force.

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